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Montrose School District has 242 students in grades PK, K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 12 to 1.

Title IX Coordinator

Shawnya McGregor 309 S. Church Ave Montrose, SD 57048 (605) 363-5025

1:1 Technology

1:1 Chromebook/Laptop K-12

Seniors 2022!

Abby Roling

Band, Chorus, Volleyball, National Honor Society, 4-H, Honor Choir

- Abby Roling

Aspen Dorr

Band, Chorus, One Act, Oral Interp, Volleyball- 2 years, National Honor Society

- Aspen Dorr

Cody Miles

Football, Basketball, Golf-1 year, Band- 2 years, FFA- 2 years, Track- 1 year, 4-H

- Cody Miles

Emma Johnson

Oral Interp, One Act, Band, Chorus, Honor Choir, All-State Chorus, National Honor Society, Volleyball- 2 years

- Emma Johnson

Garrett Kludt

Chorus, Baseball, Golf, National Honor Society, Honor Choir, Basketball- 3 years, FFA- 2 years

- Garrett Kludt

Gavin Gordon

Football, Basketball, Baseball, NHS, 4-H, FFA-3 years, Band & Chorus -2 years, Track-2 years

- Gavin Gordon

Grace Reynolds

Cheerleading, Oral Interp, One Act, Band, Chorus, 4-H, National Honor Society, All-State Chorus, Honor Choir, Bowling- 2 years

- Grace Reynolds

Hallie Kueter

Volleyball, Oral Interp, One Act, FFA, District Officer, Student Council, National Honor Society, Bowling-1 year, Basketball-1 year, Basketball stats-1 year, and Band -3 years

- Hallie Kueter

Jenna Condon

4-H, Volleyball- 2 years, Chorus- 1 year

- Jenna Condon

Katelyn Lueth

Volleyball, Basketball, FFA, National Honor Society, Student Council, Band- 2 year, 4-H

- Katelyn Lueth

Kylie McIlravy

Band- 3 years, Chorus- 1 year, FFA- 1 year, Volleyball- 3 years, Student Council

- Kylie McIlravy

Micah Van Ruler

Band, Chorus, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf- 2 years, FFA- 3 years, Track- 1 year

- Micah Van Ruler

Natalie Grocott

FFA, 4_H, Band- 2 years, Chorus- 1 year, Volleyball - 3 years, Basketball- 2 years, Wrestling Stats- 2 years, One Act- 2 years

- Natalie Grocott

Nate Edwards

Chorus, Basketball-3 years, Band- 2 years

- Nate Edwards

Ruby Hoiten

Wrestling Stats, FFA, Student Council, National Honor Society, Band, 4-H, Basketball-1 year, Bowling- 1 year, One Act- 2 years, Choir - 3 years

- Ruby Hoiten

Sadie Entwisle

Wrestling Stats, FFA, Student Council, National Honors Society, Chorus, Volleyball-3 years

- Sadie Entwisle

Sammy Behrens

Oral Interp, One Act, All-State Chorus, Band, Chorus, 4-H, National Honor Society, Volleyball- 1 year

- Sammy Behrens