• To try to keep everyone as safe as we possibly can in these uncertain times, starting next week Mary Painter, Shawnya McGregor and myself will be working from home. If you need any assistance from the school please call one of us on our cell phones and we will help out any way we can. Mary's cell phone number is (605) 480-0349. Mrs. McGregor's cell phone number is (605) 240-0216 and my cell phone number is (605) 351-4152. If you need to contact the business office, you can reach Cindy Christensen at 363-5001.
    if anyone is interested in running for the school board, we have two open positions this year. To pick up the petition, please call Cindy Christensen, or Mary Painter. Petitions are due May 8th at 5:00pm
    The school will continue to provide weekly lunches. If you have not been receiving this FREE service please call Mary Painter and she will add you to the list. Lunches can be picked up at the activity entrance between 11:30 and 12:30 or the school will deliver the meals to your house.
    Next week  the menu is listed under the dining section on the school webpage
  • MS/HS students and parents.
  • Class schedule. 
    1st period—9:00-9:30
  • 2ndperiod—9:30-10:00
  • 3rd period—10:00-10:30
  • 4th period—10:30—11:00
  • 5th period—11:00-11:30
  •  6th period—1:00—1:30
  • 7th period—1:30—2:00
  • 8th period—2:00—2:30
  • MS/HS students—please check your school email - regularly

Dear Parents,

Graduation ceremony this year is a drive in graduation that will be held in the west parking lot of the school on Saturday, May 16 at 1:00 pm. Each graduate is allowed to have 2 guest cars attend the graduation ceremony. All attending guests will need to have a guest parking pass to get in the parking lot. If a car does not have the parking pass with them they will not be allowed in the parking lot. I want to make sure every family has their invited guest at the ceremony. If we have room once all invited guests get in we can try to accommodate extra people. Please remember all guests must stay in their car.

We are working to see how we can get a live stream hooked up to our system. Once we figure out if we can do that or not I will send out another email letting everyone know how they can watch the ceremony live streamed or it will not be available.

We will have gift baskets set up in the City Hall Community Center for people to drop off cards and gifts for the graduates. The drop off will be available starting next Friday May 15 from Noon to 7pm at the Community Center and the Community Center will be open again Saturday morning 8:00am until the end of graduation. The graduation parade will end at the Community Center so graduates can pick up their basket.

After the graduation ceremony is over, the graduates will parade through town lead by the McCook County Sheriff.The parade route will be, leave the west parking lot and head north on Fuller Ave. Turn go east on Kluckholm St. Turn and go south on Church Ave to McCook St. Go east on McCook St to 1st Ave. Turn go north on 1st Ave to State St. Turn go east on State St. to 2nd Ave. Turn and go south on 2nd Ave to Montrose St. Turn go west on Montrose to Church Ave. Go north on Church Ave to Elder St. Turn go west on Elder St. to Fuller Ave. Go south on Fuller Ave to Main St. Go east on Main St. to the Community Center. Parade is over.

Thank you,

Supt. Lonny Johnson